Two years ago I moved to Zhytomyr. I had to live in a new city and I also had to
change my school for the first time. In fact, it was really difficult for me to adapt
without having a lot of stress.

Today I think I needed experience like that for some transformation and have the
opportunity to create myself.

I remember in the sixth grade my history teacher shared with me her love for history and thirst for knowledge of the past. We talked a lot about history together with her and I always looked forward to history lesson. Sometimes I thought that I should definitely become a history teacher as well. But when we grow up, our plans and thoughts also change. Recently, I began to admire acting. It seems to me that it is a part of me, because it is about feelings, emotions, empathy and reincarnation.
I want to come on this tour for some reasons.

The first reason is the desire to visit places that also have their own history like people, like me. The second reason is getting to meeting people who don’t plan to go with the flow and wait for someone to
change the world for them. The third reason is intercultural exchange with Polish youth. In my opinion, we should learn a lot of things from Polish people and implement their experience in our country. I would like to take part in this, because I realize that I want to change my country and be a part of an inspired, conscious society.

Honestly, I thought a lot about my future. Sometimes I feel scared about this, but my dreams keep me moving forward to make them true. My biggest dream is for Ukrainians to understand the greatness of their country, history and love it with all their hearts, as I do. Because Ukraine also starts with us and we can build our future.

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