Hello, my name is Julia. I study in the 10th grade. I live in Zhytomyr.

At the beginning of the war, my mother and I went to Poland. We lived in the wonderful city of Chervinsk nad Vistula. There I studied at school, and then at the lyceum. I really liked Poland, there were friendly people, beautiful architecture and a great atmosphere. Up to this point, I also went to Poland with a choir,
but I was small then, so I don’t remember much. Most of all cities I liked Krakow, its atmosphere reminded me very much of Lviv. I am currently studying the history of Poland and I admire the determination of its people. Ukrainian and Polish histories have a lot in common, so I really want to know the history of both countries.

In the future, I want to study design. I am going to get a good education and help my country develop.

I am fond of singing, photography and, of course, drawing. I love to do something with my own hands. Also, if inspiration appears, I write small fantastic stories, but not very often.
I want to take this tour to gain new knowledge and see the incredible architecture of Poland and Ukraine. I hope to meet interesting people with whom I will have common interests. I think this tour will be very exciting!

Yulia has applied to participate in the History, Healing and Hope Tour. You can help Yulia realize her dream by making a donation here:

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