My name is Tetiana. I`m 16 years old. I`ve seen your advertisement and I think I`m a good candidate for this trip. Many people tell me that I`m patient, brave, generous, forgiving and inspiring, goal-oriented, composed and witty. In my opinion I am a nice friend, I hope I`m a reliable and responsible person, so If I say something, I do it for 100%. I always help for my friends if they need it.

I like working in teams, I support my groupmates every time. My immediate family isn`t big, I`ve mother, father and sister. I have a cool relationships with my householders, I respect personal space. Speaking personally, I am enough self-dependent and it`s ok for me to travel without parents. I get on really well with everybody.

I have many hobbies and I am never bored. I like reading books, it`s like a rest for me after difficult work day. I want to have my own home library and I have already started collecting books. I am into painting and drawing, I don`t do it really cool, but I enjoy doing it. I am interested in doing nail polish, I do it for my realities and acquaintances. I am a big fan of playing volleyball, I do it 2-3 times a week with my friends and I like playing tennis too. I adore working out at home as well. I like cooking very much, I cook cakes, biscuits and other dishes.

In my view I am one of the best students in my school. I have won many Olympiads in my region. My favorite school subjects are Literature, Ukrainian, Match, Geography, English and History. I have really good marks, but marks aren`t important for me at all, the most important thinks are my skills and knowledge. In my opinion Education is major, because it influences to my future life, work and lifestyle. I think it is important to speak English in our world. It opens many opportunities for us. I have been studying English for 2 years individually and 10 years at school. My English level is B1-B2, I have finished B1 English course and now I have B2 English course. I have English 3-4 times a week. I try to improve my vocabulary, pronunciation and listening and grammar. I like watching English films and I try to read English book.

I like History as well. It is interesting and fascinating. I like learning Ukraine`s history and World`s history. In my view it is important to know about our past. In one my school History lesson we were talking about Poland. I was exited because it was so interesting to read about Ukrainian-Polish relations. They weren`t so good all time, but now they are really nice. Poland is one of the best Ukraine`s friends. I visited Poland 1 year ago the first time, but I was only in two cities: Warsaw and Poznan. I think it will be so interesting to visit other cities and find out Polish history. I can speak polish enough and understand polish. I am going to study polish this summer, because I think I may visit this country many times. In my opinion Polish is so beautiful country. Cities are historic, ancient, touristy, extraordinary, lively, picturesque and cosmopolitan. I am not sure whom I want to be, but I think I can be an economist or philologist. I want to study in Kyiv or Warsaw. I hope I will pall my exams and I do many thinks for it.

Thank you!!!
I am waiting for your answer.

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