My Impressions After The 3H Tour – Tetiana.

Hello everyone!!!

My name is Tetiana and I was a member of the History, Healing, and Hope tour. I want to say that it was amazing and interesting. Thank you so much, I’m very happy that I was a part of it. In this tour I’ve met many cool people and new friends. Every day was unexpected. I’d like to tell you about our adventures.

On the first day we were at Lviv. We visited many new places and found out more about Ukrainian-Polish history. I was fascinated by beautiful landscapes and majestic churches. It’s one of the most ancient city in Ukraine and I like it so much.

On the next day we went to Poland. It was a long way. We stayed in Sanok. In the evening we met polish peers, they were pleasant and friendly. We were communicating and playing and it was cool.

The third day was one of the best. We went to the Beskydy mountains with out new polish friends. We conquered the top of the Polonina Carynska. It was difficult but my feeling on the top of this mountain costed it. After it we went to dam and it was fascinating! I was exited by this landscape.

On the fourth day we visited The ethnographic open-air museum in Sanok. I’ve seen ancient houses and how people were living before. I was surprised by past status inequality. Also we went to museum of icons. I’ve seen the most icons in my life. We visited Beschinski’s exhibition. He was an interesting person. His art is amazing. I really like this artist.

On the next day we went to Krakow. I’ve seen this city at the first time and it is so picturesque. Krakow has got interesting history. I was suprised by its beautiful castles and architects.

Day 6.

We found out more about Krakow and its history. We had an excursion in Wawel Castle. I learned more about King’s and Queen’s live and I was interested by household and live of castle.

Day 7

We visited Krakow’s technical university and the Jagiellonian University, the oldest Polish university, the guide told us about its history and how it was generated. In the evening we visited folk group. They showed us polish folk dances and taught how to dance it. It was really funny and fascinating.

On the eighth day we went to Wielichka Salt mine. We’ve seen underground world of salt chambers and sculptures. We visited Przemsl and had excursion in the city.

On the last day we went home to Zhytomyr.

Also I want to add that all hotels and hostels were good and food was delusions, guides were professionals. These 9 days were perfect. It really helped to heal and relax. Thank Zenon for staying with us all the time and support.

Thank you for this opportunity to travel and study at the same time. The things that you have done are priceless. I hope other Ukrainian children will have a chance to become a part of this project.


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