My name is Polina. I am 15 years old. I am from Zhytomyr. I study at a
sports lyceum and attend an art school. I like it. I participate in international art
competitions, including Polish ones, and win prizes. I love animals and collect

Before the start of the war, I was engaged in archery. But how did I end
up in Zhytomyr? Not so long ago, my mother died 2 years ago. I became an
orphan. Now I live in a foster family in Zhytomyr. I learned that Zhytomyr is
closely connected with Polish culture, history, Polish diaspora and religion. All this
is very interesting to me. Even recently I found out that my great-grandmother
was Polish. I want to get acquainted with Polish culture and history. I am
interested in architecture and plan to visit many interesting places in Poland. I
know that our countries are very interconnected. I want to tell Poland about
Ukraine, and Ukraine about Poland. I hope that by visiting this country with your
project I will make a lot of sketches and photos for my album. I want to explore a
new country for me and get to know the Poles better. I want to learn about my
family history and make new friends. My foster family is trying to help me fulfill
my life. They told me about this project. The whole world is open before me and I
want to start acquaintance with it from Poland!

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  1. Polina,
    An orphan perhaps, so sorry, but you are not alone. I wish some of you would perhaps consider doing your DNA and posting to Gedmatch. There are thousands of us (in the US), descended from Poland and Ukraine that would like to connect with our cousins. I have found thousands of cousins, one in particular Jen that I met in Utah is related through a 3rd Great grandfather and we look alike & talk with the same cadence, her father says. I’m on my heritage, and my known Ukrainian names are Kozakov/Kozakova, Kravchenko and Melnyk but they may be from surrounding countries as well.

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