Biographies of people involved with the Tour.

Zenon Znamirowski (Tour Leader)

Zenon Znamirowski is the founder and CEO of PolishOrigins – a company which operates tours and conducts genealogy research. He conducted his first genealogy tour with American guests of Polish descent in 2004. Since then, he has conducted hundreds of such tours throughout Poland and neighboring countries such as Slovakia, Ukraine, and Lithuania. Over the years, Zenon has managed to recruit a team of history, genealogy, and culture enthusiasts who, in an organized and systemic way, are able to serve those who dream of discovering their family history and visiting the land of their ancestors. In 2023, together with his genealogist friend from Ukraine, Alex Brzezicki, he co-founded the Polish-Ukrainian Origins Foundation. This foundation allows them to make the best use of their experience by organizing educational trips for young people from Ukraine providing them with inspiration, connections and faith in their future.

Zenon’s family roots are from the south-eastern part of today’s Poland. After living in Warsaw for more than 20 years, he moved back to this region with his family and now lives in a tiny village in the Carpathian Mountains.

Olena Riabushenko (teacher)

Zoia Petrivna Kosarieva (psychologist)

Piotr Zelny (Specialized Tour Guide)

Historian and archivist, mountain and tourist guide, employee of the Sanok Castle Historical Museum in southeastern Poland, researcher and guide in the genealogical company PolishOrigins.
Piotr graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, with a Master’s degree in History, Archival Science and Edition of Historical Sources. As a mountain and tour guide, he takes groups of visitors to places of interest in the regions of southern Poland. His specialty is hiking and trekking in the Bieszczady Mountains. He is a historian and researcher of micro-history, which is the history of particular villages and towns, families, people and events accompanying their everyday life.